Horseback Riding to Che Chum Ha Cave

Kurt from T’initz Tours Belize made the experience very fun and memorable. We originally scheduled the trip for Monday but then had to adjust last minute for the next day (Tuesday) and Kurt was kind enough to accommodate me.

Kurt picked me up from Mahogany Hall Resort and drove me to the farm where the horses were at. Along the way he shared informative knowledge and information about Belize and in particular the Cayo district, which was nice to learn about.

When we got to the farm, I met my horse guide – Jose – and also my horse – Solido. Both Jose and Solido were amazing and the 2 horse ride went very, very well! Jose was very, very knowledgeable about all of the local plants and trees and shared his knowledge freely with me. The horse ride was amazing through the jungle and along the way we got to see many cool views and also a few caves. Solido was an awesome horse – very gentle, calm and a great ride!

After the horse ride we arrived near Che Chem Ha Cave where I met my next tour guide William. William took me on a hike down to Che Chem Ha Cave and was an amazing guide. He was super knowledgeable about the area and shared with me a lot – which I greatly appreciated. We reached the Che Chem Ha Cave after about a 20 minute hike and then we went inside and started our way through the cave. Again, William was an amazing guide and was super knowledgeable about the cave – as he was the one who had originally discovered it! : ) What a great opportunity to be guided by the one who discovered this amazing cave.

After we went through the cave, we stayed in the inner chamber for 15-25 minutes and enjoyed the area inside (nearly 200 meters inside the mountain).

After this, we made our way back and out and hiked back up to the top.

At the top Kurt has lunch ready for us, which was very, very appreciated… and also very, very tasty! : )

Thanks again Kurt, Jose and William for a great tour experience and I hope many more people can get to enjoy this experience!


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